Chris Peterson FRSS / Sculptor | XYZ-Area: new city lab for spatial interventions


XYZ-Area: new city lab for spatial interventions

12 Mar 2018, Posted by chris in Uncategorized

Chris developed the idea for the XYZ-Area some years ago. Now, years later, it is becoming reality. Chris collaborates with Nynke van der Wal, director of the Creatieve Cooperatie, on the project.  The XYZ-Area will become an integral part of the Creatieve Cooperatie yet upholding a distinctive identity of its own.

The XYZ-Area will become a place for art, design, architecture and urban developments in the heart of Zwolle. The activities unfolded there will have a particular focus on spatial interventions in the broadest sense of the word. From studios for making large scale works, an exhibition space and a place for debate, to an internationally orientated Artist-in-Residency. It will provide professionals and students who’s main interest is the creative industry, with a specific focus on spatial interventions, a suitable and challenging environment.

The area behind the building currently used by the Creatieve Cooperatie ( a multidisciplinary building with small businesses from various fields within the arts & culture industry) will be transformed into the XYZ-Area.

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