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Start of something new

14 Dec 2021, Posted by chris in Uncategorized

Chris just started working on a new project for the Anningahof Estate and Sculpture Park, a 7 meter sculpture in concrete. This sculpture will weigh nearly 60 ton will add a new chapter to the body of work produced by Chris so far.

The sculpture will be made of 50 concrete plates, each 200 x 200 x 14cm, stacked to reach a height of 7 meters. The first batch of 25 plates was delivered and Chris is making good progress cutting each plate into the desired shape. Eventually, when the piece is finished, it will allow one person to enter the sculpture and through added optical features, give them the opportunity to view the park and surrounding area.

Updates on this exciting new project will be shared here as well as on instagram.

This project is executed with the generous support from: