Chris Peterson FRSS / Sculptor | A shelter for the soft voices


A shelter for the soft voices

05 Oct 2020, Posted by chris in Uncategorized (27)

Chris just installed his new sculpture ‘A shelter for the soft voices’ in Angerm√ľnde, Germany. Made from a single 10 ton glacier boulder sourced from a nearby sand quarry, the sculpture reveals a small space inside.

With this particular sculpture, I wanted to create a small space within the boulder that fits a young child. Children have no fixed conception of the world surrounding them. They perceive their surroundings through a looking glass that has not yet been framed to a large extent. They grow up in an increasingly polarized world with stronger contrasts. I wanted to give space to those of whom society does not expect any strong views yet. A tucked away space in a volume so compact, so sheer indestructible, yet so willingly accepting an intervention of this kind, to give shelter to one child. What lies at the basis of this world, shields that what lies at the basis of our future, the next generation.

The sculpture allows children to explore the work and interact with it in an elementary way. Through sensory experience: climbing, crawling and speaking softly to hear their voices amplified by the sculpture, they become more susceptible to the artwork and the volume, mass and story it represents. In a playful fashion, the sculpture will leave an impression in their young lives. (33)