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Sheltered Development

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“The sculpture titled ‘Sheltered Development’ expresses a great deal of velocity. The design is based on an angular U-shape that, due to the repetitive way of stacking, unfolds into a graceful dynamic beacon. A shape with a strong sense of movement which propels in an upward direction. A sculpture that has similarities with a DNA strand but just as much evokes associations of a spiralling staircase to an as-yet-unknown destination. A sculptural growth model showing a nomadic journey, with each step taken towards a better future. This particular way of stacking, creates a twisted shape with two tracks, creating a small space for shelter. A safe place that grows and moves with you as you walk around the artwork.”

This new limited edition sculpture titled ‘Sheltered Development’ forms the starting point for a new series of work. A 5 meter concrete version of this particular design, will be made for the the SCULPTURA festival in 2025 and the proceeds of this edition will go towards realizing this project as well as future ones.


10% of each sculpture sold, will go towards preserving the work by Dutch sculptor Gerard Höweler who passed away in 2021. He has always been a shining example to me, a mentor in many foremost, and has helped me throughout my career. He is definitely part of my sculptural DNA and has sheltered my development in many ways. To keep his work in the limelight, I’ve decided to put 10% of the proceeds aside for future exhibitions of his work or any other form of presentation. This will be done in collaboration with his family, galleries and befriended fellow sculptors.


This edition is offered in two sizes. Both made from MDF with a mat finish.

Dimensions:      27 (h) x 14 x 14 cm
Edition:              20
Price:                €750  >>>> now: €675 (valid till the end of May 2024)

Dimensions:      20.4 (h) x 10.5 x 10.5 cm
Edition:              20
Price:                €550  >>>> now: €495 (valid till the end of May 2024)


* a 10% discount will be given if you purchase more than one sculpture.

The multiple will be available from the 15th of April 2024. It will be signed and numbered and issued with a certificate. Costs of transportation within The Netherlands are included in the price. We do however ship worldwide so do contact the studio for more information. Delivery time at present is one month.