Chris Peterson FRSS / Sculptor | In search of a ceiling


In search of a ceiling

Category: Artworks, Italy, Public Commissions, Work

Year: 2019
Material: limestone
Dimensions: 220(H) x 125 x 125cm
Commissioner: Commune di Fontanarosa, Italy
Location: Fontanarosa, Italy

The artwork is a small space that one person can enter. It depicts a place in time, a place we consider ‘home’ in that moment. What determines the idea of ‘home’? Walls without traces, without any recollection of living, are witnesses of space but not of the lives shaped by it and vice versa. I wanted to create walls without traces on the outside, on the inside, the walls show a collection of prints as if we were searching for a ceiling, a roof to complete the feeling of ‘home’. The traces are made solely on the inside. You have to investigate the sculpture and enter it. Not act on your first impression and assume there is nothing to see. Like many seemingly uninteresting environments, it’s the ideas and thoughts that surface in reaction to the space, that color it.


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