Chris Peterson FRSS / Sculptor | A Dark Divisional Approach (Circle)

A Dark Divisional Approach (Circle)

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Fences are fascinating simple structures with rather intrusive psychological influences. They supply a sense of ownership, a sense of property yet unleash an untamed desire to want more and to compare ‘belongings’ with that of others. Although meant to draw a fine line between you and them, me and you, it has a ripple effect that travels far. The diffuse meaning of the space in between (my sense of ownership versus yours) and the immense effect it has on our landscape, wealth, society and politics, is often not highlighted. These fences allow you to have a glimpse of the other. A voyeurism that excites as much as divides, as the sense of ownership is also a reflection of what you consider your own. The increase of a distorted sense of community: belonging to or excluded from, has become so polarized, it’s almost infantile. How senile we have become along the way to head into the dark without adjusting to the darkness that lies in front of us?


Chris has added a new chapter to his work with these editions. These multiples function as small statements of disbelief.

This multiple titled ‘A Dark Divisional Approach (Circle)‘ is made of steel and black powder coated and measures 45 x 4,5 cm. The sculpture is produced in a limited edition of 3 pieces + 1 AP / made in 2021.

Sold for € 3200 each

The multiple will be issued in a box, including material, instructions for mounting and a signed and numbered certificate. We ship worldwide but costs of transportation are not included in the price. It is also possible to pay in installments. For more information contact the studio.