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Chris tried his hand this time at designing a sculpture / light feature. The object made entirely form granite, has LED-light installed inside of it, supplying a whole new experience at night. Suitable for both in- and outdoor spaces, these sculptural beacons shine a different light on matter. For inquiries about pricing or to commission Chris to make one, please contact the studio.



Work on this residence in a centuries old building in the historical centre of Zwolle, is nearing completion. Chris supervised the renovation and turned the rundown space into a modern light space with a strong emphasis on the history of the building.

More photo’s will follow soon. If you wish to receive further information on this project, contact the studio.



New model in the making

22 May 2015, Posted by chris in Uncategorized

This model in basalt will hopefully be executed five times its size. The sculpture, a follow up on the first ‘Black Moon Trickle’ sculpture made for Jimo City in China, will now find its way to Taiwan. The eventual size will be 250(H) x 130 x 80cm.


The Chinese don’t beat around the bush in terms of size. ‘Bigger is better’ in their perception. Even this 8 ton sculpture of almost 3 meters high, is considered rather small by them.  The sculpture titled ‘Black Moon Trickle’ will be installed in Jimo City in the near future.


Work commenced in China

24 Mar 2015, Posted by chris in Uncategorized

With a month still to go before I actually get on a plane to China, work already commenced on my sculpture titled ‘Black Moon Trickle’.

The sculpture in black granite will be placed in the City of Jimo.