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Just received a photo of the sculpture I made last year for the town of Fontanarosa in Italy. It is installed at the museum there. I made the work to discuss the idea of ‘home’ and what defines this sensation. Not by presenting any answers. Just wanted to allow whoever visits the sculpture, to have an isolated experience of solitude in my artwork. 

These are uncertain times yet it supplies us with a healthy contrast. Instead of despair, we need to be resourceful and foremost creative. Sure, a lot of questions demand swift answers but perhaps this process of searching for new stable grounds, will be more valuable than we can foresee. Rise to the occasion, embrace creative thinking and values and use this moment of solitude and forced isolation for what it’s worth…a golden opportunity.

Stay healthy, stay sane, look and help others and design a better world. Peace.

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Yesterday, the 15th of December 2019, we commemorated the bombing take took place 75 years ago in Zwolle. With an impressive ceremony, the monument was unveiled by those who witnessed the tragedy at the time.



Photo: © Jelle Raap 2019


On the 15th of December 1944, the city of Zwolle was bombed, sending a shockwave through the city. The area most effected by this bombing will commemorate this historic event this year, as 75 years have passed by. Chris will make an intimate memorial sculpture that will honor the five people who died during the bombings and those effected by it in other ways.



The sculpture ‘In search of a ceiling’ was temporarily installed in the town square of Fontanarosa. It will remain in the square for the coming months and will be permanently installed afterwards in its final location, the museum park.



A new work titled ‘ In search of a ceiling’ will be made for the Italian town of Fontanarosa. Chris will make the marble sculpture this coming May in Italy. The artwork will be a small space that one person can enter. It depicts a place in time, a place we consider ‘home’ in that moment. What determines the idea of ‘home’? Walls without traces, without any recollection of living, are witnesses of space but not of the lives shaped by it and vice versa. I want to create walls without traces on the outside, on the inside, the walls show a collection of prints as if we were searching for a ceiling, a roof to complete the feeling of ‘home’. The traces are made solely on the inside. You have to investigate the sculpture and enter it. Not act on your first impression and assume there is nothing to see. Like many seemingly uninteresting environments, it’s the ideas and thoughts that surface in reaction to the space, that color it. The sculpture will measure 220 (h) x 125 x 125cm.




Chris recently visited Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt to install his work on one of the marble pedestals as part of a new memorial which commemorates all innocent lives lost during terrorist attacks. 72 sculptures from 72 different countries were installed in a scenic location just outside of the town. President al Sisi did the honours of unveiling the memorial on the 3rd of November.

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Chris was invited to be part of the World Youth Forum in Sharm el-Sheik in Egypt. Together with 195 other countries, this event will discuss various topics from arts and culture, leadership to sustainability. Chris was asked to represent The Netherlands. Chris will send a sculpture  to be part of a permanent exhibition in the city.