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Working on new proposals

25 May 2021, Posted by chris in Geen categorie, Uncategorized

Based on a new sculpture in the ‘A Dark Divisional Approach’ series which will soon be finished. The artist’s impression shows the work on a monumental scale and will be proposed for a competition in Asia. The smaller version will be finished soon and offered…

New smaller work

29 Apr 2021, Posted by chris in Geen categorie, Uncategorized

‘Fenced inwards on a black circle’ is the latest of smaller works made by Chris. This black granite sculpture will be on view at Landgoed Anningahof / the Anningahof Estate and Sculpture park, this coming season. More info on:

KGS catalogue presented at MARMOMACC (Italy)

25 Sep 2019, Posted by chris in Geen categorie

KGS DIAMOND TOOLS BENELUX has presented their new catalogue at MARMOMACC in Verona (Italy). KGS DIAMOND is of the worlds leading diamond tools companies and a key player in the stone processing industry, KGS DIAMOND is a prominent participant of the fair. MARMOMACC is considered one…