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Public Commissions

Category: Biography

2018 Black basalt sculpture as part of the World Youth Forum Memorial. Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt)

2017 Sculpture ‘Moon Trickle’ placed in the river Mangfall, Valley (Germany)

2016 Sculpture ‘Black Moon Trickle no.6’ placed in the City of Caldas da Rainha (Portugal)

2016 Sculpture ‘Black Moon Trickle no.5’ placed in the town of Griffith (Australia)

2015 Sculpture ‘Black Moon Trickle’ placed in the town of Jino (China)

2014 Sculpture ‘A shelter for a black moon’ placed in the town of Olofstrom (Sweden)

2014 Joint project ‘The architect and the moon’ by Chris Peterson and Ton Kalle was realized for the Aswan Open-Air Sculpture Museum (Egypt)

2013 Sculpture made for the Universidad Nacional, City of Heredia (Costa Rica)

2012 Sculpture placed in the village of Heino (Netherlands), part of the TWO LANDSCAPES Project.

2012 Info beacon made for the Wereldtijdpad Foundation, Holten (Netherlands)

2011 Marble sculpture ‘Part of a bigger whole’,  Villa Manin, Udine (Italy)

2011 Finalist James Square Commission, University of Plymouth (UK)

2011 ‘Reflective Arrangement’,  City of Otawara (Japan)

2010 Granite sculpture titled ‘Building with field kitchen’,  City of Icheon (South Korea)

2010 ‘Intruisive domain no.1’ Open Air Art Museum Pedvale in the town of Sabile (Latvia)

2009 Sculpture made as part of the Uchinuki Project ,Tanbarra Cultural Center, City of Saijo (Japan)

2009 Sculpture created for the FORMA VIVA Collection, Portoroz (Slovenia)

2008 Limestone sculpture titled ‘ Gesture 1’, Dubai (UAE)

2008 Granite sculpture titled ‘Toilets and churches: a search for silence no.1’,  City of Gwacheon (South Korea)

2008 Granite sculpture titled ‘Toilets and churches: a search for silence no.2’, City of Ventspills (Latvia)

2008 Granite sculpture ‘Toilets and churches: a search for silence no.3’, Bundang Memorial Park, Seoul (South Korea)

2007 Granite sculpture titled ‘Indispensable’,  Andres Art Institute , Brookline, New Hampshire (USA)

2007 Limestone sculpture titled ‘Everlasting youth no.1’,  City of Utebo (Spain)

2007 War Memorial at the Millfield School, Street, Somerset (UK)

2006 Limestone sculpture titled ‘Redefining structure (1914 slm), Monte Verzegnis, Friulli (Italy)

2006 Marble sculpture titled ‘Contemplation structure’, HEART Sculpture Park in Sedliste (Czech Republic)

2006 Limestone sculpture titled ‘Its level from here on’, Port of Izola, Izola (Slovenia)

2005 Marble sculpture titled ‘The laughter that comes with progressive decline’, Chau Doc Open Air Museum and Sculpture Park (Vietnam)