Chris Peterson FRBS / Sculptor | The Valley


The Valley

Category: stone, stone building, studies

The design titled ‘The Valley’ encompasses a sculptural environment. The designed elements can not be seen separately as individual sculptures but form a whole as an identity. The sculpture made predominantly of white granite with an attached glass space and granite trees adorning the entrance, discusses our perception of nature.

In nature both life and death are entwined. What dies creates the birth of another life form. In present western society, people easily get alienated from nature. Perceiving nature as organic living or dead substance. Nature as a spiritual environment is not a common view in western society. In my opinion it is spiritual.

I work with stone, a material that has an ancient history and was formed over a long period of time. It is this notion that makes it very living to me. Not static but very dynamic. Still, many will perceive it as dead. People will however make a distinction between a living and a dead tree because they can tell the difference. I wanted to illustrate these differences in perception regarding stone and show the vivid, living character of it.