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Chris was invited to be part of the World Youth Forum in Sharm el-Sheik in Egypt. Together with 195 other countries, this event will discuss various topics from arts and culture, leadership to sustainability. Chris was asked to represent The Netherlands. Chris will send a sculpture  to be part of a permanent exhibition in the city.



(Photo: Shosha Design House, 2018)

The sculpture will be placed on one of the marble bases.

Chris developed the idea for the XYZ-Area some years ago. Now, years later, it is becoming reality. Chris collaborates with Nynke van der Wal, director of the Creatieve Cooperatie, on the project.  The XYZ-Area will become an integral part of the Creative Cooperatie yet upholding a distinctive identity of its own.

The XYZ-Area will become a place for art, design, architecture and urban developments in the heart of Zwolle. The activities unfolded there will have a particular focus on spatial interventions in the broadest sense of the word. From studios for making large scale works, an exhibition space and a place for debate, to an internationally orientated Artist-in-Residency. It will provide professionals and students who’s main interest is the creative industry, with a specific focus on spatial interventions, a suitable and challenging environment.

The area behind the building currently used by the Creatieve Cooperation ( a multi-disciplinary building with small businesses from various fields within the arts & culture industry) will be transformed into the XYZ-Area.

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Mangfal river reinstalls sculpture

14 Sep 2017, Posted by chris in Uncategorized

The 3 ton granite sculpture was installed in the Mangfall river without fixating it to the riverbed. I decided not to do so and see how the river would play with the sculpture over the course of time. Although I was expecting the sculpture to move, I wasn’t prepared for the sculpture to submerge and resurface within a span of two weeks. Below a visual transcript of the process.


Chris just finished his latest work in the Moon Trickle series and it was the first time a sculpture of his was placed in a river. The stunning scenery and the beauty of the river made it such an inviting place for a sculpture to be placed. The 3 ton granite boulder which originated from the Black Forest area, was sculpted on location and placed in the river Mangfall in the far South of Germany.