Chris Peterson FRBS / Sculptor | Flexible structures: a need for adjustable living spaces?
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Flexible structures: a need for adjustable living spaces?

31 Aug 2015, Posted by chris in blog

World renowned architect Winy Maas from MVRDV recently pleaded for a different approach with regards to how we perceive housing. Years ago I made this video with exactly that in mind. In a rapidly changing world, with rapidly changing needs, do we still uphold outdated views regarding the space needed per individual. Pressing global resources due to unsustainable needs and behaviour in combination with an ongoing increase of inhabitants on this globe, should make us rethink our desire for space. Our sense of destination leads us to believe that we ‘need’ a certain amount of square meters to be able to ‘breath’. However, if our needs are changing at such a fast pace, as we try to identify with an environment that supplies identities as an accumulation of added values, why should our living space be static? Should architecture supply flexible structures alone or should it also play a less lenient role by educating , restricting and rewarding people for their behaviour? Structures can be made flexible but are we as people in our current state of mind, able to adapt quickly? Are we able to give way to the need of others?