Chris Peterson FRBS / Sculptor | Commissioning



Studio Chris Peterson works alongside national and international partners to supply the best quality and service to our customers worldwide. If you wish to commission Chris Peterson, please read our guidelines. In all cases, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the studio.

If you are commissioning Chris to carry out a project, here are some points to consider:

– clarify your objectives in relation to the project;

– early involvement with Chris on the project is advisable;

– identify the project team, including the commissioners, project architect, landscape designer and engineers;

– supply a brief that sets out Chris role clearly and covers the aims of the project, fees, budget, timescales and technical issues;

– agree a contract that states the terms of your involvement and commitments, including production, installation and maintenance;

– in consultation with the commissioner, Chris will develop preliminary designs for a fee;

– public consultation can be a vital role in the successful development of projects and Chris will work with you on this aspect of the project for an agreed fee. Consider if public envolvement includes schools, local interest groups, government etc;

– work with the artist to devise an effective marketing plan, paying particular attention to public relations, publicity cards, catalogues, radio, tv, reviews etc;