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BUBBLE- Structure

01 Feb 2017, Posted by chris in blog

Soap, water and air. Nothing special. These three ingredients are needed to blow bubbles. But what if these three compounds would be different yet react in a similar way? What would the possibilities be if we could add a specific liquid to a significant amount…

Flexible structures: a need for adjustable living spaces?

31 Aug 2015, Posted by chris in blog

World renowned architect Winy Maas from MVRDV recently pleaded for a different approach with regards to how we perceive housing. Years ago I made this video with exactly that in mind. In a rapidly changing world, with rapidly changing needs, do we still uphold outdated…

Attitude Altering Architecture..does it exist?

16 Aug 2015, Posted by chris in blog

Should architecture play a significant role in forcing us to make more sensible choices with regards to the use of space? Can space be used as an instrument to set boundaries for a sensible and more responsible use of it? Altering our attitude will not…